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Market Spotlight Bulk Assignment

Request to assign multiple items simultaneously in Market Spotlight page, streamlining the process and ensuring efficiency.
Nica Yabut 5 months ago in Market Data 0 Already exists

Add Hospice Last Claimed Counts to Map Filter Criteria

currently, in CRM, the map functionality gives top Physicians by Hospice patients overall. however, the more helpful metric may be to ADD hospice patients last claimed.
Guest 9 months ago in Market Data 0 Future consideration

Add a sub-category filter for Market Spotlight's specialty

This filter will help customers to Specialty on Market Spotlight like foir Internal Medicine's sub category.
Guest about 1 year ago in Market Data 0

Market Spotlight - Calculating and export functionality

Client would like to have the ability to export and calculate in Market Spotlight.
Guest over 1 year ago in Market Data 1 Already exists

Payor source information with M/A data associated to Home Health agencies as you do with physicians

It would be good practice to know acceptance and who to target as we do with claims data.
Guest about 2 years ago in Market Data 0

Market spotlight

It would be helpful not having to restart every time you go to market spotlight to view a doctor's profile.. As well as being able to search for the doctor after you've been in market spotlight if you didnt assigning yourself as The rep prior to e...
Hannnah Mercer-Mills 8 months ago in Market Data 0