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Planned events be back to Blue fonts

planned events used to be blue and completed events were green before the upgrade, Now it's showing both in Green.
Matt Feller about 2 months ago in Calendar & Events 2 Already exists

Clearer font for the new face of CRM

With the new face of CRM, Fonts are not easy to be read
Guest about 2 months ago in Admin & Settings 5 Already exists

switch for Menu bar Options (Top or Side)

To have an option base on User's familiarity of the software
Guest about 1 month ago in Admin & Settings 2

Market Spotlight - Calculating and export functionality

Client would like to have the ability to export and calculate in Market Spotlight.
Guest 19 days ago in Market Data 1 Already exists

Alignment of Dates in Calendar after Update

Request to Align Dates in the Calendar as it sits on top of created events after the update. Dates are sitting on top of Events which would be easier to read when properly aligned like a Calendar. This is noticeable when multiple events are presen...
Guest about 1 month ago in Calendar & Events 0

Event contacts

when completing an event in activities it only allows for 10 contacts. Can it allow more so that we don’t have to create another event in order to add everyone we had contact with especially for big events
Guest 3 months ago in Accounts & Contacts 0

Add To Dos

In Edge, there is a difference between "To Do" and "Event" for tasks that need to be done but aren't necessarily at a specific time or have a contact associated. This would be great in the PAC CRM.
Madison Burns about 1 month ago in Calendar & Events 0 On Roadmap

Manage Users Being Locked Out

Right now there is no way for another user within the customer to unlock a fellow user if they get locked out. A Support ticket has to be created and there is a time lapse.
Madison Burns about 2 months ago in Admin & Settings 0


when entering and completing an activity it doesn’t allow for notes without having to complete it and then going back in to add a note. Could it just be added to a field within the activities so that once we hit complete everything is entered
Guest 3 months ago in Accounts & Contacts 0

Account hierarchy Report(s)

A report function to retrieve account hierarchies. Parent accounts down to subordinate accounts. This is already being generated in the Account details section of the parent account.
Guest 3 months ago in Reporting 0 On Roadmap