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Request to Update and Clarify 'Other' Event Type Instructions for MAR CRM Customers

The language that appears for customers when they choose 'Other' as the event type is causing confusion. It currently suggests they can input a custom field, whereas, in reality, they must contact support to add custom event types. Could we please...
Nica Yabut about 20 hours ago in Admin & Settings / Calendar & Events 0 Future consideration

Add Hospice Last Claimed Counts to Map Filter Criteria

currently, in CRM, the map functionality gives top Physicians by Hospice patients overall. however, the more helpful metric may be to ADD hospice patients last claimed.
Guest 3 days ago in Market Data 0 Future consideration

Please allow the ability to see Additional Communication notes

The notes that imported over from trella edge show up in that section.
Guest 5 days ago in Accounts & Contacts 1 On Roadmap

Abiity to transfer a calendar from one rep to another rep

The ability to transfer a calendar from one rep to another is important both from a rep standpoint as well as a manager standpoint. It would save time recreating the calendar (which is time consuming) as well as maintain continuity of seeing accou...
Guest 8 days ago in Calendar & Events 0

Create a feature in the CRM to easily identify top accounts by referrals and admits that is fluid and real time

It would be helpful to have the ability in the CRM to easily run a report that identifies top accounts by highest number of referrals and highest number of admits. Ideally this report is fluid so customer can regularly identify top accounts on whi...
Laura Green about 2 months ago in Reporting 2 Already exists

Calendar Drag and Drop

Is it possible to have a drag and drop feature on the CRM calendar? This would be very beneficial for our reps.
Guest 5 months ago in Calendar & Events 0

Detailed AE Summary Report Visit frequency to Last Vist

When analyzing visit frequency it would be nice to highlight accounts that calls out accounts that have not been visited in the visit frequency defined. IE if I define weekly visit frequency and I have not visited the account in a month it is high...
Bryan Costreie 16 days ago in Referrals 0 Future consideration

Ability to save changes in CRM App when offline

Currently, CRM Mobile app users lose any changes/additions when offline. It would be helpful to have the mobile app cache these changes until they have cell coverage/wifi again like google/iPhone calendars.
Michelle 17 days ago in Calendar & Events 0 Will not implement

MARCRM Dashboard

According to article: All users have the ability to choose and view information "By User" and "By Territory" for the users and territories available to the...
Guest about 2 months ago in  0

MARCRM Overview Tab

Related to (screenshot purposes) The Charts relative to each Marketers Referrals, Admits and Events by top 100 sources is not available to non-Admins
Guest about 2 months ago in  0