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a comment/additional info section for Events notes

If we have enter an event note and have complete it/ Can a section be created if additional information regarding that Events notes was provided?
Guest 17 days ago in Referrals 0

Adding an update for a referral that has passed.... Deceased.

Trella does a great job at telling us about a referral and the stage that it is in... pending and admit, but can Trella tell us when a referral has passed away. Perhaps labeling them deceased? That way we can check Trella for real time about our p...
Guest 30 days ago in Referrals 0

Referral Tracking Capability

We need to be able to input a type of new referral (example: oxygen, enteral, or ventilator) and tie it to a Hospital (and the Social Worker that sent it), and which Sales Rep the new referral was awarded to. We need to be able to pull monthly rep...
Guest about 1 month ago in Referrals 0

Please create an option for an admin or manager to "lock" certain views so they cannot be edited by other users.

CRM admins and managers would like the ability to turn on or off editing capabilities for other users on certain views in the CRM. Users currently can edit global views that have been shared with them, resulting in view display issues for other us...
Ashley Scrimo 4 months ago in Referrals 0

Status of Admissions for my home health referrals

I am receiving hospice referrals and I am only a representative for home health. Please unattach my name from hospice. . I need my HOME HEALTH referrals attached to my name in the system for an accurate report. There are no reports for home hea...
Guest 4 months ago in Referrals 0

Detailed AE Summary Report Visit frequency to Last Vist

When analyzing visit frequency it would be nice to highlight accounts that calls out accounts that have not been visited in the visit frequency defined. IE if I define weekly visit frequency and I have not visited the account in a month it is high...
Bryan Costreie 9 months ago in Referrals / Reporting 0 Future consideration

Add CRM banner: Last update received from EHR <date>@<time>

Integrations is asked continually when did we last get an update from EHR
Guest 5 months ago in Referrals 0 Will not implement

Disable the end user permission to change or update Referral Ownership

End users (non admin roles) should not be able to update referral ownership in Marketscape CRM.
Nica Yabut 5 months ago in Referrals 0 Future consideration

capability togenerate a report that includes details of all events for a parent account encompassing multiple sub-accounts

we have a 'Parishes and Churches' parent account, which primarily serves to group together all the parishes we market to. However, we are wondering if it's possible to view all the events, as well as historical call notes from the past 30 days, in...
Guest 7 months ago in Referrals 0

Show history of coordination notes for patient in CRM, not just the most recent

Customer requested this on a call. Currently they only get most recent coordination note, but C-suite want their reps to have access to full history becaues "that's how they had it in Salesforce"
Pierre Menard 8 months ago in Referrals 0 Future consideration