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Add filter on reports for Inactive Users

Customers would like to see productivity from users that are no longer at their organization and be able to compare referral differences between the new rep and the old rep.
Bryan Costreie about 1 month ago in Reporting 0

Create a feature in the CRM to easily identify top accounts by referrals and admits that is fluid and real time

It would be helpful to have the ability in the CRM to easily run a report that identifies top accounts by highest number of referrals and highest number of admits. Ideally this report is fluid so customer can regularly identify top accounts on whi...
Laura Green 11 months ago in Reporting 2 Already exists

AE Productivity Report - Ratio as %

Change the format of the Event Close Rate Ratio from : ratio to match the Conversion Ratio % and be a %
Guest 5 months ago in Reporting 0 Will not implement

AE Detailed Contact Productivity Report (Referrals) Add Filter for Primary vs. Referring

to include a filter to identify what the providers role was on the referral/ order
Bryan Costreie 2 months ago in Reporting 0

Report>Calls Per Day

we have a report (AE Advanced Summary Report) that shows calls WTD, but a quick call summary count by day would helpful to get a quick snapshot of a liaison's week. example: Mary completed 30 calls this week - Monday: 3 calls, Tuesday: 5 calls, etc.
Mary Nichols 5 months ago in Reporting 0 On Roadmap

Goals Visibility for Managers

It would be helpful for Managers/Admins to be able to see all goals entered in the drop down box.
Theresa Stewart 3 months ago in Reporting 0

Referral to Admission Time Report by Team & Agency

We currently have this at the user level but not at the Team & Agency
Maegan Williams 4 months ago in Reporting 0

Detailed AE Summary Report Visit frequency to Last Vist

When analyzing visit frequency it would be nice to highlight accounts that calls out accounts that have not been visited in the visit frequency defined. IE if I define weekly visit frequency and I have not visited the account in a month it is high...
Bryan Costreie 9 months ago in Referrals / Reporting 0 Future consideration

Spell correct in app

When putting in Call/Visit note or Business purpose, the app does not correct misspelled words. It doesn't even highlight them
Victoria Poppino 6 months ago in Reporting 0

To enable the selection of multiple branches simultaneously within the Daily Visit Report.

Regional Managers will have the capability to retrieve all their territories simultaneously, rather than generating one report at a time.
Marc Angelo De Guzman 6 months ago in Reporting 0 Future consideration