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Adding an Option to Add Additional Communication Notes on CRM Mobile.

To provide Users to add notes without setting up an event.
Marc Angelo De Guzman 3 months ago in Accounts & Contacts 0 Will not implement

Allow for same screen contact addition

On calendar, once you choose an account and go to the drop down to choose contact- as a newer rep it has happened frequently that i have forgotten to add in a contact and i have to exit event screen and do the addition then come back and re-enter ...
Guest about 1 month ago in Calendar & Events 0 On Roadmap

a comment/additional info section for Events notes

If we have enter an event note and have complete it/ Can a section be created if additional information regarding that Events notes was provided?
Guest 17 days ago in Referrals 0

Calendar Drag and Drop

Is it possible to have a drag and drop feature on the CRM calendar? This would be very beneficial for our reps.
Guest about 1 year ago in Calendar & Events 0 Coming Soon!

Adding an update for a referral that has passed.... Deceased.

Trella does a great job at telling us about a referral and the stage that it is in... pending and admit, but can Trella tell us when a referral has passed away. Perhaps labeling them deceased? That way we can check Trella for real time about our p...
Guest 30 days ago in Referrals 0

When completing a new event, go back to that specific account page instead of to the calendar page.

It was like this before the update, so when I had multiple contacts in a single account that I need to add events for, it was much easier and faster. Now, it adds additional clicks to get right back to the same spot to add a new event for a new co...
Guest about 1 month ago in Calendar & Events 0

Referral Tracking Capability

We need to be able to input a type of new referral (example: oxygen, enteral, or ventilator) and tie it to a Hospital (and the Social Worker that sent it), and which Sales Rep the new referral was awarded to. We need to be able to pull monthly rep...
Guest about 1 month ago in Referrals 0

ability to see current patients that reside in facilities

either add a date range filter to filter for patients currently on service to the referrals tab on mobile for a facility or add the ability to look at views on mobile
Mary Nichols 2 months ago in Accounts & Contacts 0

Calendar Subscription - Real time synchronization of CRM calendar to third party apps

For clients who primarily use Outlook or Google Calendar to manage their emails and event invites, it's incredibly useful to have real-time synchronization with their CRM. This ensures that as they enter events into the CRM, they can seamlessly vi...
Guest about 1 month ago in  0 Already exists

Add "Methods" to expense report or ability to create view

This will allow managers to customize their expense views for exporting purposes.
Bryan Costreie about 1 month ago in Expenses 0