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Add "Methods" to expense report or ability to create view

This will allow managers to customize their expense views for exporting purposes.
Bryan Costreie 2 days ago in Expenses 0

Daily visit tally

I'm interested in learning if there is a way, currently, to see how many visits we have made in a day or in a week. Currently, to ensure that I have 10 daily visits, I count each visit to make sure there are at least 10, no problem. At the end of ...
Guest 3 days ago in Calendar & Events 0

A reoccurring event scheduler that can change and parameters for set days for multiple accounts at the same time.

Example, X1 a Monday on Mondays I go to the same 10 accounts. Allowing the user to set clients reoccurring visit parameters for all several accounts at once.
Guest 5 days ago in Accounts & Contacts 0

Add filter on reports for Inactive Users

Customers would like to see productivity from users that are no longer at their organization and be able to compare referral differences between the new rep and the old rep.
Bryan Costreie 5 days ago in Reporting 0

Can we link or connect the providers to accounts when we create them/

When we create accounts, can we add an option of populated physicians that are pre programmed and entered into the search engine that we would be able to add or attach to the associated account we create. Versus manually adding in the providers. O...
Guest 8 days ago in Accounts & Contacts 0

Adding an Option to Add Additional Communication Notes on CRM Mobile.

To provide Users to add notes without setting up an event.
Marc Angelo De Guzman 2 months ago in Accounts & Contacts 0 Will not implement

CRM Automatic Contact Birthday Alerts

Our team mentioned it would be great to get automatic reminders when a contact's birthday is approaching. These would automatically generate from the birthday in the Contact's record, rather than being manually created.
Guest 15 days ago in  0

Add ability to attach a picture to an account, contact or event.

It would be very helpful to be able to attach a picture of a business card, flyer, brochure, pic of building etc to an event, Account or contact. Especially when learning about new accounts.
Guest 16 days ago in Accounts & Contacts 0

Add an *add contact* option to the drop-down list when putting in details for a call to an account.

When documenting on a call from my laptop in the calendar, the contact drop-down list appears to only have current contacts. There is no way to add a new contact without getting out and going around to the contacts page, then going back in to comp...
Guest 17 days ago in Accounts & Contacts 0

ability to see current patients that reside in facilities

either add a date range filter to filter for patients currently on service to the referrals tab on mobile for a facility or add the ability to look at views on mobile
Mary Nichols about 1 month ago in Accounts & Contacts 0