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Calendar Subscription - Real time synchronization of CRM calendar to third party apps

For clients who primarily use Outlook or Google Calendar to manage their emails and event invites, it's incredibly useful to have real-time synchronization with their CRM. This ensures that as they enter events into the CRM, they can seamlessly vi...
Guest about 1 month ago in  0 Already exists

Create a feature in the CRM to easily identify top accounts by referrals and admits that is fluid and real time

It would be helpful to have the ability in the CRM to easily run a report that identifies top accounts by highest number of referrals and highest number of admits. Ideally this report is fluid so customer can regularly identify top accounts on whi...
Laura Green 11 months ago in Reporting 2 Already exists

Clearer font for the new face of CRM

With the new face of CRM, Fonts are not easy to be read
Guest over 1 year ago in Admin & Settings 5 Already exists

Merge accounts

Is there a way we can merge accounts that are the same?
Heather Hebert 5 months ago in Accounts & Contacts 1 Already exists

Market Spotlight Bulk Assignment

Request to assign multiple items simultaneously in Market Spotlight page, streamlining the process and ensuring efficiency.
Nica Yabut 5 months ago in Market Data 0 Already exists

adding a feature for a Manager/Admin to mass update Record Field for Accounts.

This will help an Admin or a Manager to mass update the accounts record field to save time for their rep and ensure that all fields are corrected in bulk.
Marc Angelo De Guzman 8 months ago in Accounts & Contacts 0 Already exists

add in subject and actual completed time and Date Daily Visit report

On the daily visit report we do not have the ability to see what the "subject" of the call is, when the even was actually completed, and event purpose and expected outcome.
Bryan Costreie 8 months ago in Reporting 0 Already exists

Include definition and a sample on columns for Data Import on CRM Admin module

It would be easier to understand the parameters and sample entry of the data in the CSV template that we can relay to customers.
Marc Angelo De Guzman 9 months ago in Accounts & Contacts 0 Already exists

Add new field “same address” as Account for Contacts

I’m finding it way too time consuming to input the same address & phone number for contacts since it’s the same address as the account. You should be able to click “use same address” as the account for contacts.
Guest about 1 year ago in Accounts & Contacts 1 Already exists

Adding a map to pin point accounts and contacts

Idea: To have a map function that will pinpoint the location of an account or contact using their address.
john Agravante about 1 year ago in Accounts & Contacts 0 Already exists