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Have option to duplicate time when duplicating events

When you duplicate an event, it gives the option to select what elements you want duplicated. It would be nice to have the option to select the time.
Madison Burns over 1 year ago in Calendar & Events 1 Future consideration

Adding option to set Defaul appointment lenght on CRM Mobile app

User needs ability to set up default appointment time in Mobile like in web.
Marc Angelo De Guzman 4 months ago in Calendar & Events 0 Future consideration

Detailed AE Summary Report Visit frequency to Last Vist

When analyzing visit frequency it would be nice to highlight accounts that calls out accounts that have not been visited in the visit frequency defined. IE if I define weekly visit frequency and I have not visited the account in a month it is high...
Bryan Costreie 9 months ago in Referrals / Reporting 0 Future consideration

Disable the end user permission to change or update Referral Ownership

End users (non admin roles) should not be able to update referral ownership in Marketscape CRM.
Nica Yabut 5 months ago in Referrals 0 Future consideration

Option to Tag Related Account Field Required

Whenever a customer wishes to create an event, they can choose to make certain fields mandatory, ensuring the necessary information is provided when creating the event.
Guest 6 months ago in Calendar & Events 0 Future consideration

To enable the selection of multiple branches simultaneously within the Daily Visit Report.

Regional Managers will have the capability to retrieve all their territories simultaneously, rather than generating one report at a time.
Marc Angelo De Guzman 6 months ago in Reporting 0 Future consideration

Add a field to Expense Module to Include Date Entered

My customer would like to know the date their reps are entering their expenses as opposed to the date of the receipt/purchase date to check for timeliness.
Guest 7 months ago in Expenses 0 Future consideration

report on orders that pulls insurance, code, was it billed, referring provider for CRM for HME/infusion

Provides insight into Specific codes/ insurance/ if it was billed? Not sure if the integration picks this up? and referring or primary provider.
Bryan Costreie 8 months ago in Reporting 0 Future consideration

ability to target accounts by line of business (LOB)

my customers would like the option to target accounts by line of business. example, i'd like to target xyz account for hospice only, not home health. in addition, they'd like for the ability to have different call frequency options depending on th...
Mary Nichols over 1 year ago in Accounts & Contacts 0 Future consideration

Show history of coordination notes for patient in CRM, not just the most recent

Customer requested this on a call. Currently they only get most recent coordination note, but C-suite want their reps to have access to full history becaues "that's how they had it in Salesforce"
Pierre Menard 8 months ago in Referrals 0 Future consideration