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Adding multiple Sync IDs to one branch

Some companies use Branches for clinical territories vs Sales Territories. This would allow customers more flexibility to creating a sales territory
Bryan Costreie 2 months ago in Admin & Settings 0

Clearer font for the new face of CRM

With the new face of CRM, Fonts are not easy to be read
Guest over 1 year ago in Admin & Settings 5 Already exists

Can you make it so I can add an account and a contact at the same time if both are exactly alike?

I think it would save time when adding these.
Guest 5 months ago in Admin & Settings 0

Add Font Size Adjustment Feature For Mobile Application Settings

To enhance the visibility of the application, especially for those who are using the application through their mobile phone. To make this change, go to the app settings and change the font size to the one that would work for the user. They can hav...
Guest over 1 year ago in Admin & Settings 1

switch for Menu bar Options (Top or Side)

To have an option base on User's familiarity of the software
Guest over 1 year ago in Admin & Settings 3 Will not implement

Selecting Multiple Users - Pages

In some areas when we are assigning or even creating views you can only select multiple users. We should allow multiple user selection for every view/table/popup. This is specifcally around the user selection in GOALS. You are able to select multi...
Bryan Costreie 6 months ago in Admin & Settings 0

Ability to switch default Scaling/Zoom in or out view for Laptop and multiple display sizes

Would be great if we can have a default view Zoomed in or out for laptops and multiple display sizes to avoid scrolling and be able to view the whole columns and tabs without the need to scroll on bars and sliders.
Guest over 1 year ago in Admin & Settings 0

Request to Update and Clarify 'Other' Event Type Instructions for MAR CRM Customers

The language that appears for customers when they choose 'Other' as the event type is causing confusion. It currently suggests they can input a custom field, whereas, in reality, they must contact support to add custom event types. Could we please...
Nica Yabut 9 months ago in Admin & Settings / Calendar & Events 0 Will not implement

Custom Event Creation

Customer would have the ability to go into settings and navigate to the custom event creator. This wizard would allow the user to create a new event type, and then select the fields they want to be a part of that event. In the wizard, they would a...
Josh Price about 2 years ago in Admin & Settings 0 Future consideration

Field to Update the "Has subordinates" for Custom Roles

Be able to change the Has subordinates YES or NO field in Custom Roles. This should be in sync to reflect the capability of user assignments same as the other default roles.
Nica Yabut about 1 year ago in Admin & Settings 0