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Field for Manager to add notes on Events in CRM

It would be helpful if there was a field in which managers could add notes (and call attention to the feedback) in CRM on the events page/calendar.
Laura Green 2 months ago in  0

AE Detailed Contact Productivity Report (Referrals) Add Filter for Primary vs. Referring

to include a filter to identify what the providers role was on the referral/ order
Bryan Costreie 2 months ago in Reporting 0

Ability to View Key Reports on Marketscape CRM Mobile

Many account managers/reps only use Mobile and are expected to complete quarterly business plans. Some of the information they need is only available on desktop. They mostly use mobile as they have high expectations re: beingin the field.
Laura Green 2 months ago in  1

Adding multiple Sync IDs to one branch

Some companies use Branches for clinical territories vs Sales Territories. This would allow customers more flexibility to creating a sales territory
Bryan Costreie 2 months ago in Admin & Settings 0

Add the ability to search by address in mobile app

I can see all physicians that are at that address and choose the one I’m looking for.
Guest 5 months ago in Accounts & Contacts 0

Report>Calls Per Day

we have a report (AE Advanced Summary Report) that shows calls WTD, but a quick call summary count by day would helpful to get a quick snapshot of a liaison's week. example: Mary completed 30 calls this week - Monday: 3 calls, Tuesday: 5 calls, etc.
Mary Nichols 5 months ago in Reporting 0 On Roadmap

Contacts associated with multiple Accounts.

One provider may work at multiple facilities (Accounts).
Guest 3 months ago in Accounts & Contacts 0

Lock down account profile updates

Within the CRM tool itself, lock the ability to change account name to Trella Health team members only. The updates would then need to be made in the Admin Console versus within the CRM.
Jessi Owens 3 months ago in  0

Make it to where my accounts is the home page that pops up

All sales people would benefit
Guest 3 months ago in Accounts & Contacts 0

Goals Visibility for Managers

It would be helpful for Managers/Admins to be able to see all goals entered in the drop down box.
Theresa Stewart 3 months ago in Reporting 0