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Require a contact to be attached to an account

In mobile it is very easy to miss adding an account to a contact
Theresa Stewart 3 months ago in Accounts & Contacts 0

Adding ability to Search Accounts by Address in CRM Mobile APP

The customer finds it more convenient to search for accounts using the address, especially when multiple accounts share the same name. They can effectively pinpoint the correct account by identifying the address.
Jill Cisco 6 months ago in Accounts & Contacts 1

Automatic Account Rating (like Automatic Contact Rating)

In the CRM today, you can set rules around the CRM automatically updating a contact's rating based on referrals. This would be great to have for accounts as well.
Madison Burns about 1 year ago in Accounts & Contacts 2 On Roadmap

Historical Call Notes Date Range

The current system defaults to the current month, the system should allow you to view the most recent call notes for last 30 or 60 days.
Guest 4 months ago in Accounts & Contacts 0

Making recurring event's Colorized

making recurring events colorized. That way when we glance at our events for the month, we can quickly determine which are recurring.
Marc Angelo De Guzman 4 months ago in Calendar & Events 0 Will not implement

Please create an option for an admin or manager to "lock" certain views so they cannot be edited by other users.

CRM admins and managers would like the ability to turn on or off editing capabilities for other users on certain views in the CRM. Users currently can edit global views that have been shared with them, resulting in view display issues for other us...
Ashley Scrimo 4 months ago in Referrals 0

Adding option to set Defaul appointment lenght on CRM Mobile app

User needs ability to set up default appointment time in Mobile like in web.
Marc Angelo De Guzman 4 months ago in Calendar & Events 0 Future consideration

Status of Admissions for my home health referrals

I am receiving hospice referrals and I am only a representative for home health. Please unattach my name from hospice. . I need my HOME HEALTH referrals attached to my name in the system for an accurate report. There are no reports for home hea...
Guest 4 months ago in Referrals 0

Referral to Admission Time Report by Team & Agency

We currently have this at the user level but not at the Team & Agency
Maegan Williams 4 months ago in Reporting 0

New CRM Opportunity Type for B2B sales

For companies with B2B sales teams it'd be great to have a different opportunity type for them to be able to log those opportunities that don't currently fit within the referral opportunity type
Guest 4 months ago in  0